Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sport and Home Education

Harry has enjoyed some good summer holiday sports sessions and I am really looking forward to his classes re-starting in September. Harry loves sport and needs (probably like many 5 year old boys) a lot of physical challenges. It was important to us when we decided to home educate to find activities Harry would enjoy as these give him good energy outlets, provide group work opportunities and give him independence from me and instruction from someone else. I think it is important to say also that there are many opportunities for unstructured physical activity (alone or in groups) in the home education environment and we take advantage of these - we have had many trips to parks, National Trust properties and beaches during school term time. 

Harry is continuing with the classes he did last year - gymnastics, enjoy-a-ball and swimming. I think gymnastics and enjoy-a-ball both prepare children really well for any other sports they might want to do in the future and he wants to continue. I haven't looked into anything else as I wouldn't want to add any more to our schedule - we also have other time and financial commitments and I take Peter along to the classes too, so it wouldn't be fair on him to spend any more time sitting in foyers! 

Harry has been to the enjoy-a-ball summer holiday camp for 2 days which were 4 hour sessions and he has been having swimming lessons each day this week. He went into the male changing room on his own today and managed dressing afterwards without trouble so I was really proud of him. He also has a tennis class next week at a Durham sports centre with some home ed friends. It will, however, be nice to get back to normality soon!

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