Thursday, 29 August 2013

Catching up and learning odd/even

I am now just about back into the swing of things after a busy Bank Holiday weekend. My sister goes away to America to get married shortly so we were celebrating their send off! 

We went to Harrogate for a family BBQ last weekend which was nice for Harry and Peter as they got to see my sister and parents. Stuart brought the boys home and I stayed on my own for the rest of the long weekend. I visited my grandma and joined ten other ladies for my sister's hen day - a spa with afternoon tea at the wonderful Rockliffe Hall. It was superb. Time away is much appreciated as I very rarely get it.

Stuart, Harry and Peter enjoyed the time together and visited two parks on Sunday followed by a day out at Wallington on Monday, lots of lovely outdoor time. I arrived home to find the paddling pool at the bottom of the slide where they had been whizzing down into it! 

We had a good day getting back to normal on Tuesday, starting our new Literature Study in the morning followed by a visit to a friend's house. Our friend had prepared some great activities for the children on the topic of odd and even numbers, with a good range of difficulty for the age range 2-8. Harry really enjoyed it and watched a short video before printing odd and even number groups with paint. He also made a monster with odd and even numbers of legs, eyes etc which he then counted and decided if they were odd or even, before writing them on a sheet on the front. He also played a game of Dinosaur Race with his friend.

Yesterday we went on the Newcastle open-top bus tour with some of Harry's school friends. They all really enjoyed it! We are going to be making a collage of our city based on this using photos and drawings and also looking at the history of some of the landmarks we saw.

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