Sunday, 30 March 2014

Early allotment progress

We had a trip to the garden centre yesterday for some allotment supplies and did some planting today. Peter was not wholly impressed to be travelling home surrounded by blossom branches as we bought a small tree for the garden too! 

We have planted the first onions and potatoes today. I have just done two small rows of onions (white and red) as I want to do more staggered planting this year. This was one of the main areas to improve on from last year. We also planted a row of beetroot. It may be too early and too cold but we took a risk putting the sweetcorn in quite early last year and it grew really well. If it doesn't germinate I will put another row in in a couple of weeks.

Peter liked using the vegetable feed on the newly planted items. Harry asked why we need to plant the onions in a different place to last years leeks, so I explained about crop rotation and how each family of vegetables use and leave different nutrients in the soil so they need to be moved around the beds to balance the soil.

We found this seedling storage unit in the sale at the garden centre so this is now holding all the seedlings at home which is much more practical than on the spare bed! There are peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and sweetcorn. 

I was also delighted to receive Harry's Mother's Day present - a bath bomb he made at Beavers. He brought it home hidden and has kept it a surprise. I have promised him I will use it tomorrow! 

Peter made a lovely bright card too. 

I took the boys to a birthday party this afternoon and they have had a great, energetic time racing around soft play and a bouncy castle.

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