Monday, 3 March 2014

Van Gogh inspired painting and catch up

We joined our friends from French earlier this week for some group art work. The children listened to some of the Katie stories by James Mayhew, including Katie and the Starry Night and Katie and the Sunflowers. They then worked together to create large paintings of Van Gogh's Starry Night and Sunflowers, which had featured in the books. The finished pieces looked really good.

We also talked about Isaac Newton's discovery of the colour spectrum and made some colour wheels.

We went to the park afterwards and had a good play. We also demonstrated another Diet Coke and Mentos eruption on the grass! 

At home, Harry has finished Storm Castle, the level 9 Oxford Reading Tree book he has been reading and played his cello. He has also done some pages of a maths problem solving workbook, looking at adding and subtracting large numbers, and an English workbook, looking at past and present tense verbs.

Peter had his enjoy-a-ball class and really enjoyed it again. Harry did a spelling list using the Squeebles app on the iPad and some maths while he waited. Peter has also done some more Reading Eggs and been trying to write letters. We did a Montessori numbers app on the iPad while Harry had his gymnastics class and Peter knew all the numbers up to 10. I have just ordered a Kumon numbers book for him to work in, as he really enjoyed the tracing one, which covers numbers 1-30. 

We have listened to the first three chapters of Five Children and It together, which is the book we are going to discuss on Tuesday at our group session, which will be World Book Day themed. We have all enjoyed the story so far and I have been asking Harry a few questions after each chapter to check he is taking it in. 

They have played in the garden and been dressed as superheroes nearly all week. Harry spent some of his birthday money on these outfits, including Peter's, which was really kind.

It is Harry's birthday tomorrow so we went to the Lego shop today to spend some of his birthday money. He chose a cargo terminal and an airport fire engine and spent all afternoon building them while Peter and I made his cake for tomorrow.

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