Friday, 14 March 2014

Finishing the weekly list!

It's been a very productive week and day of home education! We are going on holiday shortly and so I have been really keen this week to finish my to-do list! I usually make a weekly list of things I would like to get done with Harry and Peter and often some things will be rolled forward to another week. I like the flexibility of this as it means we can take advantage if something unexpected and interesting happens, or we can spend longer than expected doing a particular thing. I didn't want to leave anything unfinished this week though, so that we can have a proper week off and start something new afterwards. 

We have spent lots of time celebrating World Book Day and doing some rainforest activities this week (in separate posts). We also had French class yesterday and the children all played together in the park afterwards.

Harry has played lots of cello this week as he had a hard page to practise in his book this week and he has definitely got better at it, so hopefully he will be able to do it in the lesson tomorrow. In other exciting musical news, we have acquired a piano from the parents of a friend and it will be arriving in two weeks! I definitely want to learn and I hope that Harry and Peter will too.

We made bread rolls to go with soup for lunch today. I didn't manage to photograph the finished article as we were all too hungry, but they turned out well!

Harry and Peter also prepared a big tray of vegetables for roasting. I usually make a batch of vegetable sauce every week to use as pizza topping and pasta sauce and this was it. They love being involved in the kitchen.

Harry has written all of his birthday thank you notes. He did some lovely writing at a good speed. I helped with some spellings whilst helping Peter to do some of his Kumon number book and reading The Highway Rat to him. Harry has also done a spelling list on the Squeebles spelling app and a Reading Eggs lesson this week. Peter has been cutting and out and sticking Alphablocks pictures from the CBeebies website. He knows quite a few letters now.

The boys rode their scooters to the post box this afternoon to post the thank you notes and had a run around in the garden before we went to Harry's enjoy-a-ball class. The children were learning basketball skills today. I read Richard Scarry's What do People do all Day? to Peter during the class and he played a new shapes app on the iPad, Busy Shapes by Seven Academy, which they both really like.

Harry is really enjoying his latest Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Stuart continued reading this to him at bedtime. He was quite tired after lunch today so he listened to an hour of his latest audio book, Grk and the Phoney Macaroni, while Peter had a bath.

I am feeling ready to go on holiday (once the house has been cleaned this weekend)!

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