Monday, 3 March 2014

Visit to Hancock Museum

We visited the Hancock Museum last week. I had promised the boys we would go back in term time after we went to a special event in half term. The museum is just on the outskirts of the City Centre and we started by feeding the ducks in the Civic Centre gardens.

We said hello to William Armstrong, a famous North East inventor and engineer, who contributed a huge amount of money towards the building of the museum in 1882 and has a prominent statue outside. Harry liked the bronze relief showing the swing bridge, one of Armstrong's works (the sun was in his eyes!).

In the museum, we looked around the Roman section. Harry counted the steps it took him to walk along the model of Hadrian's Wall.

He thought that the shields were different because the soldiers were in 'different teams'!

The boys also liked the rocks and minerals section. They spent a long time using a sorting tool to sort objects by colour and shape, as rocks are sorted and graded.

We always enjoy looking at the mineral display and choosing our favourites. Some of them are amazing shapes and colours.

We spent a long time upstairs too looking at the animal display. Harry drew the polar bear, with huge paws, a toucan and a penguin standing on a rock! Peter and I did a brass rubbing of Northumbrian sea life, including a puffin and a starfish.

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