Saturday, 7 January 2012

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker?

Or in our case this week - Gardener, Marine Biologist or Chef?

Harry has been involved in one of his favourite weekend pastimes of digging/raking/mowing/cutting (delete as appropriate) in the front garden, whilst having access to the garage with Stuart. Todays activity seemed to be raking dead grass which was used to bury his scooter, followed by using the hoe to uncover it again. A future gardener perhaps?

Peter got in on the garden action today too and enjoyed the car and tent, although sucking the steering wheel does not quite suggest racing driver qualities :-)

I often mull over what future life and career awaits my children and there is a lot of scope for mulling as the possibilities are definitely more extensive than I can even comprehend. I think all we can do is expose them to as many varied experiences as possible to establish their skills/interests and help them to reach their potential. It kind of whirls my mind thinking of them even ten years older so it is very difficult to imagine them as fully grown men with a home away from us! 

Just this week Harry and I were watching Great Barrier Reef on iplayer and he said that he would like to know everything about the sea, that there are lots of different seas and he could dive in them all! I am not sure our holiday plans cover all the oceans of the world but that is a new theme he has shown an interest in. It is the first time we have watched an "adult" programme together and I am glad we did as he was enthralled and has mentioned parts of it several times since.

I have been busy and productive today too, filling the freezer with some much needed food for future meals. I was considering what to create with some pastry and Harry was very enthusiastic in suggesting a layer of pesto followed by a layer of tomato sauce, which is not something I have made before but now I have - thank for the idea Harry! Whether he will eat it is another matter...

Freezer is brimming with lamb koftas, minestrone, parsnip soup, burgers, meatballs and the aforementioned pastry creations!

My cooking energy is partly due to the fact that my weekend can only start well when it starts sitting child-free for two hours at the hairdresser - coffee, magazines, shiny hair and no small people climbing or drooling on you. I left feeling more ready to embrace the drool awaiting me at home!

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