Sunday, 22 January 2012

Happy Birthday Peter!

Peter had his first birthday today!  

The day didn't start in the most relaxing way, with a 5.40am wet bed for Harry meaning both boys were awake in our bed, one driving a combine harvester over us and one trying to lever his fingers into our mouths while we tried in vain to ignore it and go back to sleep! Those are the moments the parenting books never mention.

It has improved since then thankfully (although the start of the day feels like an age ago!) and Peter has enjoyed a fantastic day with Stuart's family visiting too.

We made a batch of playdoh first thing and Harry created some birthday cakes for Peter

Then onto Adventurelands with Harry and Peter's cousins

Peter has enjoyed exploring his presents

And eating some of his truck birthday cake

It has been a lovely day. Peter is now fast asleep and I am sitting down for the first time.

Happy Birthday baby boy, we love you so much!


  1. Happy First Birthday Peter, We missed seeing you on your special day but know you had a fantastic time & hope your second year is as exiting & fun filled as your first one. By the way ... fantastic Blog Hayley. x x