Sunday, 8 January 2012

The start of walking?

I thought it would be nice for a change to highlight the baby of the family! He is so often overlooked as he potters around the sidelines, participates in our activities and explores his still new world but life without him is unimaginable now!

Peter took his first two steps unaided today! Stuart and I saw it and cheered, which left Harry rather perplexed, but I don't think Peter noticed and the rest of the day continued as normal. His balance seems to have improved significantly this week so he stands a good chance of some more walking before his first birthday in two weeks. Peter has shown a lot of interest in playing today - driving trains on the track, pushing a car around and posting creatures down the Octopod chute. 

Peter takes such an interest in everything Harry does and Harry is generally kind, which gives me a lot of hope for their future relationship. Harry is very into giving "thumbs up" at the moment and loves it when Peter laughs hysterically at it. None of the achievements mentioned have, however, been caught on camera so I shall leave a bubbly bath shot from tonight - Peter stands by the side of the bath stamping on the floor with excitement at getting in and I think his face shows how much he loves it!

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