Thursday, 19 January 2012

Spring planning and indoor times

I am looking forward to Spring so much! I have been very excited tonight to start compiling a list of creative and messy activities we will be able to do and to call it 'education planning'. Brilliant!

It has been a quiet couple of days due to the boys being generally under the weather. We have enjoyed the slow down in pace though and kept busy with a variety of indoor activities:

Baking oat cookies - Harry was very independent and spooned, measured, mixed and rolled

Reading eggs with corresponding printed worksheets. We have been practicing pencil grip for letter tracing and doing some word matching puzzles relating to the same letters

Some lovely interaction between Harry and Peter involving racing/chasing each other around the furniture (and it didn't end in tears!)

Painting - you can see that Peter didn't think too much of it! I hope he does love arts and crafts as much as Harry and he will have plenty of opportunities to find out this year.

And lots and lots of colouring! Harry has phases of being very involved in colouring books and this seems to be one. He is much more creative with the colours than the last phase about six months ago and almost stays in the lines sometimes!

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