Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A full day

Full is the word, thankfully in a good way! Peter started the day with a cold so was back in bed early, which left Harry and I some nice free time to do some activities in a Postman Pat book which were far too easy as Harry had pointed out the answer before I even finished the question, but he seemed to enjoy it! We managed a quick game of animal dominoes too before a flurry of emails took us to the Washington Wetland Centre with our home ed friends.

Well it wasn't exactly pleasant outdoors today, as lorries overturned and trees uprooted not too far North from us, so we managed to spend most of the visit in the indoor discovery room and cafe, with a brief interlude spent shouting over the wind and stopping any children blowing away in the play area. Harry, as usual, loved the outdoor element and headed straight for the water play, where his waterproof trousers held their own again. I think Togz waterproofs are going to be part of our life for a long time!

It has been nice to get back into our routine today now that Stuart is back at work and Christmas is fully behind us and we spent the afternoon playing at home. The boys were given some puppets for Christmas and Harry took the part of The Three Little Pigs while I voiced the big bad wolf. This was the ensemble Harry created for our stories, after he remembered that Little Red Riding Hood involved a wolf too:

The lego man woodcutter, however, proved to be rather a wimp in Harry's version of the story and the wolf ate him, along with grandma and Little Red Riding Hood, followed by a variety of "heroes" who tried to stop the wolf. We ended with a basket full of toys to represent the wolf's full tummy! I love 3 year old thinking!

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  1. Lovely to see you've joined blogsville :-) I shall pop by frequently and see what you're up to!