Monday, 9 January 2012

Is it Spring?

It certainly felt like it today as we sat on the ground at Freeman Park playing with the bark chippings..... yes, in January!! Last year around the first week of the year we had a thick covering of snow and this was the type of play we were doing:

I am so pleased we headed outdoors. Peter had a great time in the swings, on the roundabout and the slide.

There were workmen removing the benches with circular saws and then transporting them away, which kept Harry's attention for a while, until he spotted an attractive looking patch of mud and spent the last half an hour "harvesting potatoes", which involved balling mud to represent the potatoes and covering a manhole cover with them.

Peter's nap time brought out the art materials and Harry did some pastel drawings - he is working on a snail in the picture, which turned out nicely, even after the furious blending he does after adding each colour (he informs me he likes that part!).

My positivity about today is in no small part down to the fact that Peter had a better than usual night in terms of sleep (perhaps my positive post about him yesterday worked some magic!). Waking at 11.30pm and 3.50am almost counts as a full night sleep in my state of permanent sleep deprivation and I could certainly feel it throughout the day. I will try not to get my hopes for a repeat tonight.....

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