Monday, 16 January 2012

Frosty days

First things first - I lost at scrabble, again! Only by 20 points though so the gloating rights weren't entirely exercised by Stuart.

It is blooming cold at the moment with a heavy frost. I wish it had been like this at Christmas as it might have actually felt festive then! We had a good trip out to our playground yesterday. Peter stayed wrapped up nice and warm surveying the action:

Harry enjoyed having the playground to himself for some slalom bike riding around the equipment:

Home for a frosty sledge ride on the grass - they both loved it, although Peter only lasted one circle round as Harry requested he be dropped off at the 'station' so the sledge could go faster! 

Harry helped to cut pears for a crumble when we had warmed up

We have had a lovely visit from my mum today, who came bearing curtains she had made for Peter (thanks mum!)

Harry enjoyed some one-on-one time with Granny doing glueing, making fans and creating big winds and small winds with them. It is so nice to see him engaging for an extended period with someone other than me. He doesn't often have the opportunity but he participates fully when it does come. 

All in all a very lovely past few days! 

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