Sunday, 29 January 2012

Simple pleasures

We have found a lot of simple pleasures in the house this week. Harry spent an entire 15 minutes blowing bubbles into milkshake, leaving me to drink my tea while still hot

We received a wide packaging tube with some prints in, which has been used to roll things down, chat into and as an extra long arm!

A lot of lego building has been going on

I love lego! It really suits Harry's creative and imaginative style of free play. In the past year he has used it for colour matching, height comparison, problem solving by fitting different sizes of bricks into containers, games involving planting, harvesting and delivering vegetables and now he actually creates 'things', from rockets (with boosters!) to animal houses. I think it literally has unlimited possibilities and everything we do with it seems to be valuable in some way. I am so pleased we spend so much of our time on the floor together!

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