Monday, 4 February 2013

An indoor day

It has been one of those lovely days where I feel like life can't actually be any better. Obviously we have our fair share of frustration and blood pressure increases that go along with having 2 small children at home full time, but it is nice to record the times they are avoided!

It has been very cold, windy and rainy so we have stayed cosy indoors all day - I love having the choice to do so! We did lots of Chinese New Year activities this morning, which I will put in a separate post when we have finished everything. 

Harry finished his first level 4 reading book and has amazed me this week with the increase in his confidence. He did lots of reading eggs over the weekend too and has been reading words I didn't expect him to get without help and hardly needing to sound the letters. It is no surprise that he chose The Spaceship to read first and has chosen The Moon Jet for tomorrow as he is very interested in all things astronautical. 

Harry and I played with his lego when Peter had a nap and it was nice to do so without Peter crashing into anything! Harry built a house with beds, lamps and tables and we built a dinosaur ranger tower together using the instructions.

We had an impromptu tea party in the hall for some trucks and toys

The wooden cakes didn't quite satisfy so we made a quick batch of chocolate buns before tea! Peter is no longer satisfied to play with the dry ingredients while Harry gets on with things but we managed quite well. If any are left we might ice them tomorrow.

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