Saturday, 9 February 2013

Winter allotment

Harry had a friend's birthday party this afternoon so Stuart took Peter for a look at the allotment. We are looking forward to having a full year this year and we have been digging over the ground periodically so we are ready for some spring planting. The beds are looking bare but inviting! We will be digging in some compost soon to improve the soil too. There is also a bit of structural work still to be done - fixing a couple of the bed edges and replacing some glass in the greenhouse.

We moved a few things around last year and the rhubarb plants are coming back nicely after we split them.

Peter had fun. Hopefully he will be able to be involved more, or to entertain himself this year as a lot of work is going to be needed!

We received an education pack recently from the Potato Council which included seed potatoes. These are now chitting and have grown some new shoots ready for planting soon. 

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