Sunday, 10 February 2013

Chinese New Year - the real thing!

We took a trip into the City Centre today to see the Chinese New Year parade. It was very, very busy but we all enjoyed it. We saw the lion dance to start the celebrations and then watched the dragon parade.

The boys loved the small fairground and Peter went on a little train ride with Harry too. He looked a bit worried when he realised I wasn't getting in too but I had to prise him out at the end so he obviously enjoyed it!

We all shared some Chinese food - Harry was desperate to try the chopsticks but didn't quite manage it - I will show him at home properly as it was a bit difficult standing on the muddy grass trying to keep hold of noodles and boys!

They were both impressed with the small popping firecrackers we bought - the kind that look like a tiny white parcel that pop when you throw them on the ground - I remember them well from childhood trips to Scarborough! We have brought a box home too so they can be used in the garden this week. 

I was really pleased we went today. The Chinese arch is quite a prominent landmark in the centre of Newcastle and it was great to be part of the cultural community atmosphere. We will definitely be going again.

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