Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Red dog, blue dog and 3 players!

We played two games together today. Really together. All three of us! I have been looking forward to this so much - the time when Peter can join in without destroying everything. 

I think this will make a big difference to time at home as Harry loves jigsaws, board games and card games and it has been very difficult to do these in the last year as Peter liked to come and sit in the middle of it or run away with pieces.

We played a matching pairs game with vehicle cards and red dog, blue dog from Orchard Toys. It does say it is suitable from age 2 so we thought we would give it a try and Peter was really happy when he got a card to match his board. The pictures are simple enough for him to understand and this will be good for his colour recognition too. A perfect first toddler game and Harry still gets to practice his turn taking and toddler tolerance skills!

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