Monday, 18 February 2013

Hama bead UFO glow in the dark mobile

Harry was given this Hama bead glow in the dark mobile set for Christmas (thank you Grandad and Grandma) and we built it recently. He spent around 3 hours in several sittings making all the models to hang on the mobile frame and it was nice to see him working towards a goal. It was a step up from the other midi Hama beads he has done as he has never tried to follow a pattern and was really good at checking how many beads to put in a row - it took him a lot of concentration. We had some glowing beads left so he also designed his own stripy star using one of our boards to include on the mobile.

We haven't had the glow in the dark beads before and I am really impressed! The mobile is hanging near his bed tonight and it glows so brightly with the door closed. I think we will be using glowing beads again.

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