Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Winter sunshine

We had one of our 'so pleased to be home educating' days today. Although it is still February, we spent a great few hours outdoors on the beach at Whitley Bay and at a nearby skate park with friends in the warm (ish) sunshine. It was a beautiful bright day and the coastline looked fantastic. I think the flexibility to do this is a huge plus point of home educating, especially in a country with often inclement weather. We had spent a good hour and a half on some new activities at home before we went out (based on the book Zog, by Julia Donaldson - I will post about this when we have finished as there is more to be done!) so I felt that we had earned the sea air!

Harry was keen on the skate park, even though he told me before we went out that he would only be watching and not trying it today. Peter was too keen and would have been down the huge ramps if I had let him, crazy 2 year old!

The boys enjoyed some digging and looking at stones and went home with very wet trousers!

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