Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A trip out - Angel of the North

We visited the Angel of the North for the first time today with home ed friends. We have been meaning to go for a couple of years (shameful, I know) as we have now lived in Newcastle for 9 years and never been! We often drive past it on the way to and from Durham and Harrogate and it always makes me feel that we are nearly home when we see it on the way back. 

I remember the Angel being erected 15 years ago very well and I wasn't keen on it then but I love it now. For me it really is an icon of The North East, the area we now call home and Harry says it watches over the people of the North. It is a landmark on our Orchard Toys UK map jigsaw and Barefoot Books atlas iPad app too.

Harry wondered if it could be made of chocolate as it looks very brown from afar but once he had had a feel he decided definitely metal because his feet went 'tippety tap' when he stood on it. I love children's logic!

Some of the older children measured 20m (the height of the Angel) down the hill and we all joined hands to see if we could make that distance. 

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