Saturday, 8 June 2013

Early summer allotment progress

We have been at our allotment for a good few hours today - there was a lot of weeding around the edges to do! Everything seems to be growing really nicely. We planted out courgette and squash seeds today and moved some of the tomato and cucumber plants into grobags. I topped up my crushed eggshell slug repellant too. 

The tap broke when we were there, spilling a lot of water so Stuart had an additional job to do in fixing that. There are still a couple of beds to fix up, some greenhouse panes to replace and a bit more heavy duty weeding but we are happy with the progress this year. I am going around 3 times a week with the boys on average, plus we usually manage to go at the weekend. I don't think we could manage more than this at the moment so hopefully it will prove enough to get some good results. 

Harry was raring to go with a to-do list and has been really helpful weeding, collecting up weeds and sweeping. Peter was happily occupied as well with collecting weeds and watering.

The greenhouse is full of tomatoes, cucumbers, coriander and peppers. I will be giving some of these to other people though. 

In the beds we have leeks, broad beans, carrots, sweetcorn and potatoes (3 varieties planted a couple of weeks apart). They are all in their infancy but look healthy so far! The first beetroot seedlings and pea shoots are coming up too and I will be planting more next week.

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