Thursday, 6 June 2013

Romans and our home educating schedule

We had a good productive morning today! We usually do home/table based activities straight after breakfast as Harry is alert and I try to grab him before he gets into doing anything else. Peter is generally happy to play on his own at this time too if he doesn't want to join in with us. This also has the advantage of leaving the rest of the day relatively free for other activities/play/trips - today we went to our allotment followed by French class then playground. The flexibility to plan your day in a way that suits your family is a great advantage of home educating and also means it can work for many different families with different routines and preferences.

We went to a Roman schools workshop at the Hancock museum yesterday where we had to think about how we know so much about the Romans and look at some objects to decide what we would take to a party for the Emperor Hadrian. We also spent time looking around the Roman displays in the museum. There is a large Roman area with a display of Hadrian's Wall which is obviously of local significance.

So to follow up from this we read our library book this morning and looked at some pictures of the Colosseum online. 

Harry made a Roman Soldier spoon puppet from a kit he received as a birthday present and was really interested so he also completed some pages of his warrior dressing sticker book. This included Hannibal's army so I read him the chapter of our history book 'A Little History of The World' relating to Hannibal and the Romans.

Harry and Peter then dressed up as soldiers and role-played Romans for a while. Harry thought that a magician would be needed to defeat the Romans with secret magic as they were so strong and powerful. 

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