Thursday, 27 June 2013

A trip out - Centre for Life

We had a very impromptu trip to the Centre for Life yesterday afternoon. After baking at home in the morning, I asked Harry if he wanted to go to our local playground or the allotment for the afternoon and he begged for the Centre for Life, so off we went! It was great. I used to go out a lot in the afternoon when Harry was aged 2-3 but we have generally been going out in the morning recently. 

It was very quiet (only 6 other people there) so they could wander around freely. Harry had a big tin can recycling game going on for around half an hour. Here he is telling me about it animatedly! 

They enjoyed the sand tables and dinosaur bones, although Peter was a bit distressed by the dinosaur roars drifting around from the dinosaur exhibit!

We spent quite a while making plasticine dinosaurs, which was good fun. 

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