Sunday, 23 June 2013

Camping weekend

Harry and I went camping last night! We went with some friends from the NCT group I was part of when pregnant with Harry so we have all been friends for over 5 years now and most have had second children too, so it is quite a big group (there were 6 families on this trip with 10 children in total). We decided it would be best if Peter stayed at home with Stuart as he doesn't sleep well at the best of times and we enjoy having one-to-one time with each boy.

I managed to put the tent up on my own for the first time so I was quite proud of myself! Harry was helpful and enjoyed learning what to do.

Harry had a great time all afternoon and evening playing with his friends. They had frisbees, trucks, bubbles, a kite and pens and paper. There was also a very good playground that they visited a couple of times.

The weather forecast for the weekend had been dreadful but we were lucky. The dark clouds and rain came over just as the children were going to bed and then cleared. It started again as we were coming home this morning. We did see this beautiful double rainbow though last night and Harry made several drawings of it.

Harry was very snug in his sleeping bag with his doll!

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