Sunday, 17 November 2013

A boys only day out

We usually spend Sundays together as a family, as Saturdays are busy with music and swimming classes. Today, however, I needed to get some home education admin done and go to town, alone, to buy Christmas stocking presents. I also like the odd Sunday away from the children for a break. I find it quite intense after several weeks without time away in peace and everyone benefits from a more relaxed and revived me! 

I had a productive trip to town and did my filing at home. I store completed work and activities in a box file until it is full and then file it into various folders - general, art, French, scrapbooks etc. I also had a look at my winter/Christmas folder to see what we already have and started making notes of craft and other ideas. 

Stuart took the boys for an outdoor adventure to Wallington, a National Trust property and they had a great time. The 'climbing tree' at Wallington is featured as one of the best trees to climb in the National Trust's 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4. 

Harry was delighted to discover that I had brought home The Horse and His Boy on audio CD from the library - he took himself off to his bed to listen to the first disc while tea cooked. He has really enjoyed the Narnia series so far so I think we will have listened to them all within a few months.

This photo is a good reminder as to why my blog is called Dancing In The Mud!


  1. I love your boys and their love of mud. Feels like I've not seen them for ages! We need to go mud dancing in the woods at some point!