Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A trip to Seven Stories and Fenwick window

We had a trip to Seven Stories on Monday with friends. We haven't been for several months so it was nice to re-acquaint ourselves with the Enid Blyton exhibition and the Faraway Tree. I have had a cold and poorly chest for a week so I have to admit I didn't have huge amounts of energy or enthusiasm, but we will visit again soon and it always nice for us to see our friends. We also visited the Judith Kerr exhibition, where we made tea for The Tiger and dressed up as Mog the cat. 

We also had a trip into town as my sister made an unplanned visit so we went to see her. We went to see the newly unveiled Fenwick window, which is always a highlight in the run up to Christmas - we usually go a few times to see it and spot different things each time. This year there are several different fairy tale scenes and a giant Santa made from Lego, which Harry liked. 

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