Friday, 15 November 2013

Land art at the park

We had a really fun morning at the park creating some land art today. We were introduced to land art at our last National Trust workshop based on art in nature. Harry often creates land art at the beach by drawing in the sand.

We looked at some pictures on Land Art for Kids before we went for some inspiration and Harry decided he wanted to make a star. We took the acorns and conkers we have collected recently and a bag of pine cones from the garage. At the park we gathered sticks and leaves.

We set out the shape of the star with sticks and layered the other materials in stripes coming into the middle. Harry and Peter both loved doing this.

Harry also found some stones and used them as the basis for a dog picture.

We found a really big twiggy stick and attached leaves to it by tying the stems onto the sticks to make a mini 'tree'.

The boys had great fun playing in the amazing leaves today as well. They took turns to cover each other in leaves and be a 'leaf monster' waking up from hibernation. It still amazes me how they can play so co-operatively outdoors when they are often bickering and annoying each other at home at the moment. I definitely have outdoor children!

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