Saturday, 2 November 2013

Home education group work

We have been spending Tuesday mornings with three other local families in a hired room doing a variety of activities provided by each of us. We have mainly done science and craft based activities as all the children enjoy them and can get on with some independence.

This has been great - there are 11 children which is enough to keep some order (just about!) and they have a chance to work together. Harry really looks forward to it and I haven't included it on my blog so far as I have been so tired on a Tuesday night - I spend Monday evening preparing our activities, then have the intense Tuesday session followed usually by a couple of hours in the park then Harry's gymnastics class at 5pm!

This week we did some fun Halloween activities - face painting, cake decorating, play dough, moon craft, reading and drawing.

In past weeks we have:

Made catapults and drawbridges,

Played group games,

Looked at the forces of gravity and thrust by making parachutes and balloon rockets. We carried this on at home afterwards and it was very popular! We will be doing it again. I have included the instructions in a separate post.

Completed two Crest Science Award activities. I have included this in a separate post.

Created some pointillism art - where colours are placed close together in dots, the eye blends them so the red/yellow stripe would appear orange.

Apple printing

Art based on Kandinsky trees

We have also made electric circuits using fruits and vegetables, looked at optical science and played board games and jigsaws. Some children and mums have brought their musical instruments to play too and there is a piano in the room.

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