Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Carol performance day

We had our last group session before Christmas today with our friends. We have been doing this all term and Harry has really enjoyed it - he likes the science and craft activities and seeing his friends in a regular slot. There have been 11 children in total. I am going to plan some more activities specific to Peter over Christmas as he doesn't really enjoy it and needs some more attention and structure. There is another 3 year old at the group who can join him for younger activities.

Today we performed the carols we have been practising for an audience of dads and grandparents. We sang Calypso Carol. A Starry Night and Away in a Manger. Harry and Peter both joined in with the singing and we have all enjoyed learning the carols at home.

Each family also made a short presentation on their own. Harry enjoys the crafts we do at the group session so he chose to show some of his creations. He did speak to describe each one and said he enjoyed it, although confident speaking is one of our non-academic points to work on next year as it is not one of Harry's strengths. 

We had some fun after the carols and presentations - party food, pass the parcel and a balloon race game, before heading to the park for a couple of hours. 

It has been a lovely day. Harry also had the final practice this afternoon for his Christmas gymnastics show at the weekend, which we are all looking forward to.

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