Saturday, 28 December 2013

Our Christmas

We are home from visiting Stuart's family in Lancaster for Christmas and we had a brilliant time. We had a lovely 12-person Christmas lunch and made visits to Harry and Peter's great grandparents. 

Peter didn't sleep well on Christmas Eve so he had a nap in the car while Stuart and Harry went for a walk on the rocks around Morecambe Bay. The Bay is famous for quicksand so they didn't go far onto the beach but did find an area of quicksand which amazed Harry after seeing the Morecambe Bay rescue team on TV recently. 

Peter was much happier after a nap and took his new bubble gun outside to make hundreds of bubbles!

The boys have really enjoyed playing with their bigger cousins, who are 8 and 10. Stuart and I had a fun (and long!) game of trivial pursuit on Christmas Day evening with his parents when the boys were asleep.

We also went to our first pantomime - Cinderella at the Preston Guild Hall theatre. It was enjoyed by all and we started looking at the Newcastle theatres for 2014 pantomimes on the way home. We got home very late on Boxing Day with sleeping children so we had a day of playing with presents, tidying up and stocking the food cupboards yesterday.

We had a really fun swimming trip this morning. Harry has been having swimming lessons but he has not been enjoying them or improving so we decided to stop for a while and just go swimming as a family. They both loved it - we went to a pool in Whitley Bay with slides, a play pirate ship and waves. We will try to go again while Stuart is off work as I can't take them on my own until Peter is 4 due to the supervision rules. I find this very annoying as the water in most of the pool areas we use is no deeper than the bath at home and swimming is such a great active thing to do in winter. 

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