Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Crest Star science activity and modelling decorations

We met with our friends yesterday morning in the local church room we hire. We practised the carols we are learning as a group first. We have been singing them at home too and are about half way there with the words. 

We then did the Crest Star science activity, Be Safe Be Seen. I planned this as the late afternoons are dark now and we have been out walking or riding bikes so it is important to understand how to be seen. We looked at a variety of coloured fabric in the light, dark and then with torches in the dark to see which were easiest to see. We saw the reflective strips on fluorescent vests shine in the torchlight. We also talked about different colours of fluorescent fabric and how people who work around water wear orange as it is a good contrast to the blue water.

The children also coloured some more Christmas cards, we read some books and then used some white dough (a recipe like this one) to cut out some Christmas decorations. This was very popular and Harry loved it. I am going to make some more to use at home. It has dried out well ready to paint or colour. 

Harry also had his gymnastics class and we bought tickets for his Christmas display, which is a big event with around 200 people watching, as everyone performs, from the tumble tot toddlers to the elite gymnasts.

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