Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Lego with friends and writing

We had some home educating friends who we see at music class over this morning and they stayed for lunch, which was very nice for all of us. I had planned some crafts but the 5 boys were having such a great time playing with Lego that we didn't interrupt. 

Harry started writing some thank you letters this morning before our friends arrived as he has received some early Christmas presents. We also did some maths. Harry completed 2 Conquer Maths lessons on tessellating patterns and ordering large numbers up to 1,000. Peter rolled a die and then I asked him to find the correct number of objects, according to the number rolled.

When our friends left we had a rest by listening to audio books. Harry took the iPad to lie on his bed and listen to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Peter and I listened to Julia Donaldson stories downstairs. Peter rarely needs a nap now but does get tired so I encourage all of us to do restful activities in the middle of the day if we are home and audio books are popular all round.

They have both continued playing with Lego this afternoon and are now watching the Octonauts Christmas special before tea together. It's been such a lovely and relaxed day. I am visiting the library tonight as we have some books due back. I do usually go with Harry and Peter but sometimes on my own as I like having a long, child free browse!

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