Sunday, 15 December 2013

Stained glass window biscuits, our tree and learning to knit

It has been a festive, busy few days. We spent several hours at the park with friends on Friday morning and Stuart and I went to his work Christmas party on Friday night leaving a lovely friend babysitting. 

Harry painted the rest of his dough decorations yesterday morning and went with Stuart to buy the Christmas tree. Peter and I stayed at home and got all the decorations ready. It is a very colourful tree with lots of home made decorations. We made more mince pies yesterday afternoon and gave the Christmas cakes their last feed of brandy.

My dad has been visiting today with his wife and the boys were very happy to receive some early Christmas presents. Harry built his new Lego with Granddad and Peter played with his new playdough.

Harry also made stained glass window biscuits, all on his own. These are made by cutting out the dough (I use this Delia Smith dough for these biscuits) then cutting another hole in the middle. A coloured sweet in placed in the hole for baking and melts into a colourful 'window'. 

We have been learning to knit this afternoon! I bought Harry a Christmas kit from Baker Ross as he has been asking to learn for a few months. The picture instructions were not very clear so we watched this YouTube tutorial to learn to cast on. Harry mastered it pretty quickly and did it all himself! I was very proud of him. He then wanted to go out in the dark to see some Christmas lights so we will carry on with the next row of stitches tomorrow. I will be getting us both some proper needles too as I would like to knit a few basic things too.

I am quite well organised for Christmas as I have presents bought (although not wrapped) and food ordered but have a few events this week which I need to prepare for so I am going to have some busy evenings!

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