Thursday, 12 September 2013

Baking, symmetry and reading

It has been a nice day. We baked chocolate and orange buns this morning to share with our friends at French class.

We followed up one of Harry's recent Conquer Maths lessons with some more symmetry work. I had printed some pattern symmetry sheets but he didn't want to do them and instead said he would make me a pattern himself. He did a great job. It wasn't neat, but he definitely understood the concept of symmetry, which is what we were trying to achieve. We also looked at some shapes and he drew the lines of symmetry on. I gave him a second shape to use for folding to confirm whether he had the lines in the right place. 

Harry was really pleased to learn that the new game from Teach Your Monster to Read is now ready and he played that for half an hour. It is quite easy for him but he loves it and it still cements understanding of letters and sounds so I don't mind!

We had a good time at French class and the children enjoyed making big piles of recently cut grass in the play area and throwing it at each other! 

Harry did some great reading at bedtime. I was really tired after a very long drive back from French (due to a coach fire on the motorway) so I asked if he would read Peter's choice of book for me. He read Duck in the Truck and only needed help with two words. This is quite a breakthrough as he often refuses to read our normal books saying that he can't and now he has shown himself that he can.

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