Saturday, 14 September 2013

New music class and Great North Run

We have been busy today! Harry had his first cello class at The Sage this morning and we had to allow an hour to get there due to the Great North City Games events on the Quayside. Peter also went to the under-5s music session at the same, which he loves. The lesson was great. The teacher was very good and the lesson was age-appropriate. There is just Harry and another girl in the half-hour instrumental lesson and then they have a musicianship/ensemble session for an hour as a larger group. Unfortunately he didn't take part in the ensemble today as we had to rush back over the river for our next activity.....

Harry ran the Mini Great North Run today! I ran with him and he was very happy with his medal at the end. He did this last year too and it is a great day out. The atmosphere is fantastic and Harry was very excited to give the race starter, Mister Maker from cbeebies, a high-five as he crossed the start line.

Peter joined in with the warm up!

Harry also had his swimming lesson this afternoon so the poor boy was exhausted at bedtime. I hope he has a good sleep as we are spending tomorrow preparing for a holiday!

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