Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Productive Monday

We have had a Lego-free few days! I agreed with Harry last week that we needed to put the Lego away as there was no floor space to do anything else and I was getting a bit tired of sorting it all out at the end of the day. I was surprised that he agreed readily and he has really enjoyed rediscovering some other activities. It's been a difficult weekend as Peter has been ill with a high temperature and virus so he has been crying a lot but he seemed a bit better yesterday and we managed a nice, productive Monday which always sets us up well for the week ahead.

Harry spent a long time making patterns with the geometric shapes and tangrams. We then went to the library for an hour. I logged Harry onto one of the computers to play a Grid Club activity while I read Peter some books. Harry did an activity that involved feeding his superhero balanced meals to give him enough energy.

My mum and sister are away in the USA at the moment for my sister's wedding, so we had a look in the atlas and online at the places they are visiting when we got home - New York, Niagara Falls, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Harry and Peter coloured and painted some pictures of these too.

I signed Harry up for Conquer Maths a few weeks ago and he has completed a few lessons. He did a lesson yesterday involving measuring objects with shoe and pencil lengths as the unit. We both like the format of Conquer Maths and I am following up the lessons he does with more practical activities. We played 3D shape pairs over the weekend and yesterday, following the 3D shape lesson he did last week. I just drew two sets of six 3D shapes onto card and laminated them. I asked Harry to say the names of the shapes he knew when he picked up the cards. 

The boys had great fun with the Hama beads in the afternoon. Harry followed a pattern to make a hot air balloon. Peter enjoyed driving vehicles in the beads and Harry joined in with this too. Peter can't manage putting the beads on the peg board yet but picking them up is still great motor control practice and he was also sorting colours into little tea set cups to make drinks. Harry filled his with blue to make water and Peter filled his with brown and white to make hot chocolate.

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