Saturday, 7 September 2013

Roman follow up and back to French

Yesterday we followed up our trip to Chesters Roman Fort with some reading and we completed the activities inside the education leaflet we had been given at the fort. Harry read the speech bubbles on the front and we talked about the way different people inside the fort lived. I asked Harry to write the three things he liked best in his notebook - he liked the Commanding Officer's house as it was really big and he drew this too.

We also had our first French class back after the summer yesterday afternoon. We share a tutor with four other families and there are 11 children in the class. It's nice for Harry and Peter to see the same children every week and we usually go to the playground with them too, although the weather was terrible yesterday so we didn't. I am ashamed to say we didn't do much French over the summer break, but we did remember quite a lot at the class. I need to work harder at keeping up French at home - it's not natural for me and I am learning the language at the same time, but I have got more ability now than I picked up at school! 

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