Sunday, 16 February 2014

A great weekend

We made our first family visit to the cinema yesterday to see The Lego Movie. We all loved it and Peter sat through it no problem so we are looking forward to going again. The word 'awesome' has been used a lot today, which is the phrase of the main character, Emmet! I really liked the message of the film too, which suits our boys - use your imagination, don't be afraid to deviate from the instructions and everyone can be special.

Stuart took the boys on an outdoor National Trust adventure today to Wallington. I stayed home as I have had a cold all week and had a late Saturday night babysitting for a friend. I got lots of niggling jobs done at home and they all had great, muddy fun playing in the three adventure play areas and in the woods, which were awash with snowdrops. They also bumped into some friends with their children and they played together. 

Harry read his second stage 9 Oxford Reading Tree book this weekend too. He did really well and read some difficult words without pause and worked others out. This one was called Rescue. Stuart started reading George's Marvellous Medicine to him tonight, which will be the third time we have read it. I am really pleased he is enjoying Roald Dahl books, as I love them and don't mind how often I read them aloud! 

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