Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Seven stories visit, medal biscuits and dot-to-dot

We dropped Stuart off this morning, visited the library and made an impromptu visit to Seven Stories afterwards. Harry completed the Judith Kerr exhibition activity sheet, by looking at the artwork on the walls for the answers. Harry and Peter enjoyed making tea for The Tiger.

We played Land of Goodies in the Enid Blyton exhibition and I read them the first chapter of The Secret Seven. Harry remembered lots of detail of this to tell Stuart tonight.

They both made medals in the craft area. Peter loved using a little hole puncher and covered his medal with decorative holes! 

Peter was really tired when we got home and had a nap. Harry and I listened to the last hour of Prince Caspian. We then made our medal biscuits inspired by Blue Peter and watched some luge and ice hockey Winter Olympics events. We made Delia's gingerbread men biscuit recipe for the base of the biscuit.

I supplied gold and silver decorations and the boys got decorating. They loved making these medals!

I ordered a dot-to-dot book each in my last Amazon order and we also started those this afternoon. Peter was really good at his and completed half of the pictures. Harry's is more complicated with bigger numbers. 

Harry has also completed a Reading Eggs lesson and practised his cello. 

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