Monday, 10 February 2014

Science activities and beads

We had a fun morning today with our friends from French doing some science activities. Another mum brought Petri dishes and we swabbed a variety of things to add so that we can observe the growth of bacteria from them. We also read this book as a group which was interesting and quite in-depth.

We looked at mixtures too. We observed oil floating on water, salt sinking and foam floating on the oil. We talked about this in terms of using foam to put out fuel fires instead of water. Miriam also demonstrated how a fire needs air by burning a candle covered with a glass jug. When the flame had used up all the air in the jug it went out.

We also looked at ink separating into different colours and made butter by shaking double cream in a jar, forcing the blobs of fat to join together to form butter.

The children all had a good outdoor play in the park too before lunch.

At home, Harry and Peter threaded beads into bracelets and we watched Blue Peter from last week, featuring the Winter Olympics. Harry wants to make the medal biscuits they demonstrated, so we will do that this week.

Harry went to Beavers tonight too. They started working on their imagination badge by writing an imaginative poem or story. Harry's writing and spelling wasn't great, so I won't photograph it as it is hardly legible, but I loved the use of imagination. This was his story about the future: 

 I am going to be a scientist and make a shuttle and not move house. I love you. It is going to have turbo boosters and will explore mars and find moon rocks and volcanoes and deserts. It will be kind and helpful. The end.

He said he added the kind and helpful part as that is part of the Beaver promise. He was really proud to come home and show me! After half term they will be making models, which he will enjoy.

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  1. That is one of Abigail's favourite books, she loves the Sam's Science series.

    What ink did you use for separating it out into different colours? We tried it with berol felt tip pens and it didn't work at all, couldn't get the colours to separate out.