Monday, 17 February 2014

Spelling app and visit to Harrogate

We visited my family in Harrogate today. We spent the morning at the Valley Gardens with my mum and sister, which was great fun and then went for lunch at my mum's. It was a quick visit as she had to go to work this afternoon but it is only 1.5 hours drive so we were home for normal tea and bedtime.

Peter was very brave and went on the big climbing castle for the first time.

Following a friend's recommendation, I bought the Squeebles spelling app for the iPad recently and Harry did his first list at home. I really like this app. The parent can set up custom lists of any words, with audio recording as well. The child sees and hears the word then spells it using the keyboard. They earn squeebles, which are small creatures, by getting correct answers. I think we will continue to do written spellings but will also be using this for as long as Harry enjoys it. I have set up the next list too, including the ones he got wrong this time.

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