Tuesday, 4 February 2014

More Chinese New Year activities

We spent this morning at our group session where we did some Chinese New Year activities. We watched a video of the Zodiac race and worked out which animal we are. We also watched a video showing counting to ten in mandarin, before each being given a number and trying to put ourselves in the correct order. The children did really well with this! 

We read and talked about some Chinese proverbs, pandas and facts about China, before having Chinese snacks. These were not incredibly popular, except for the chocolate dipped pretzel sticks! 

We really enjoyed craft time today and made Chinese lanterns and dragons. We will finish the dragons tomorrow by making them a bendy body, as they needed to dry.

The boys were very tired when we got home so we read after lunch then Peter had a nap and Harry and I listened to audio books for half an hour and built some Lego.

Harry had gymnastics class at 5pm and really enjoyed going on the trampoline and rings. I read books to Peter for half of the session then he played some games on the iPad with his friend whose big brother also does gymnastics. 

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