Thursday, 20 February 2014

Gymnastics, friends and French

It's been a very busy start to the week and we have been out of the house most of the time so I was pleased to be spending a morning at home today, building and playing with Lego! Harry also did three Conquer Maths lessons on addition and measuring after breakfast. 

Harry went to a full morning gymnastics session at his gymnastics club yesterday, which they always offer in school holidays. Peter and I went to a local park, which was really nice and came home to prepare lunch before going to collect Harry. One of Harry's friends from gymnastics came back with his little brother and mum for lunch. They all had a play with Lego, train track and we also did an hour of crafts, using flower printed paper to make collage and threading beads. It was great fun. Peter is really enjoying using scissors at the moment and he did lots of cutting and made more letter monsters. He rather likes the roll of eye stickers that came in the last craft order, as you can see from his creation!

Stuart and I had a rare night out together to the cinema with a friend babysitting last night, which was great. The boys were both asleep by 6.35pm, so I think they were feeling the effects of the busy few days!

After our relaxed morning we went out to French this afternoon. We have been listening to French songs by Maurice Chevalier at home too. At the class they looked at different coloured flowers and butterflies and sang a body song. We went to the park afterwards with our friends and the children all used up lots of energy while we mums had a chat! 

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