Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Autumnal outdoors, adding game and catapults

Another busy week so far! We went to the Rising Sun country park again on Monday to meet friends but didn't stay all day this time. We walked to the woods and had a good game of hide-and-seek, read We're Going On A Bear Hunt and found some great fallen tree fronds which Harry and Peter used as 'dusters'. We went to Hobbycraft afterwards for a few Halloween craft pieces. They had lots of Christmas craft too and we did buy a few things to use nearer the time. Bring on the green and red sparkles! 

Harry wrote a thank you letter to my mum for some Lego she brought him from her holiday.

We built catapults with friends. These are Harry's 2 designs. We have an interesting book on forces from the library we read too - there was a good section on levers.

We had another very blustery Autumn play today, after visiting a bread bakery with a friend. We do try to get out daily in the fresh air in all weathers, as the boys really need it! 

Harry started his new problem solving book with an adding/subtracting page. 

We followed this up with an adding game from the Games for Learning book. We each had a rainbow with sections numbered 2-12 and 2 dice. We rolled our dice and added the numbers together, then coloured the section with the right answer. The winner was the first to complete their rainbow. We both enjoyed this and it was good for getting Harry to add mentally.

Reading for Harry this week has been fire based. My mum also brought some books back from America so we have been reading this one together. I also made Harry a word wall using words from the book stuck to the wall on post-it notes. He loves doing this due to the very physical nature of being able to jump up and grab the notes off the wall when he has read them! 


  1. I love that word wall - brilliant idea!

  2. Thanks, we have used it a few times for different groups of words. 2 year old tries to grab them too, which makes Harry read quicker!