Monday, 21 October 2013

Bede's World education group

We spent today with the learning team at Bede's World, a local museum based on the medieval monastery life of St Bede. The education staff ran a variety of activities for us and there were over 30 children, which was great. 

We tried quill pen writing 

The children handled medieval objects, including a stone ink well, stone eraser and calf skin paper and looked at how they were used. This was a hand-written bible.

The museum was set among some lovely parkland and trees and the children enjoyed running off some energy in the playground. We also walked over to the church and looked at the stonework and glass, some of which is 1300 years old.

There was a really good outdoor area too, showing life on a monastery farm, with animals such as oxen to pull carts and geese as guards. There were thatched farmhouses where we tried grinding wheat using quern stones and a pestle and mortar to make flour. Harry loved this and did it for a long time.

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