Sunday, 20 October 2013

Beach and kite flying

We had a trip to our local coastline at Whitley Bay today and the boys both had a turn of flying a kite. They managed to get it quite high and really enjoyed it. It was a very nice trip and nice to be by the sea, even in October when it is no longer swimwear and suncream weather!

We also went down to the beach for an hour and collected stones to throw and seaweed.

Harry and Stuart dug a channel for the water, as the tide was coming in. They started with hands but soon realised that big stones were more effective.

Harry and Peter both managed to get very wet! We came home to the lovely smell of Christmas cake baking in the oven. I have been getting all my advance baking done this month and have now made all my three cakes (not all for us!) and mincemeat for mince pies. These are tucked up in an upstairs cupboard to mature.

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  1. Busy week Hayley! Kiting looks like loads of fun I bet they loved it x