Sunday, 27 October 2013

Tidying up the allotment

Music class finished last week for the half term break so we had a free morning yesterday and we spent it tidying up the allotment. There are just a few parsnips and leeks left in the ground now. We brought home the last of the sweetcorn and cleared the plants into the compost. We also spread compost around the rhubarb plants as their leaves had started to die down. I cut the runners and brought the strawberry plants we have potted into the greenhouse. 

The soil is all looking nice and dark and rich and we will be excited to start again in spring! It has been a good year, most things have grown well, and we have gained lots of experience. The beetroot and squash failed to grow so I will try again with those next year.

I need to plan better next year too, with the aim of a longer harvest by staggering the planting. We also need to get a hosepipe to allow us to water more effectively over the summer as I think the potatoes suffered due to under-watering. 

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