Friday, 25 October 2013

Police education talk and flexible home education

We had a police education session today with other home educating families. We have found that most organisations running school sessions are happy to bring the session to a home ed group too - in this case the organiser just needed to find a room to hire - so the children do not miss this kind of event by not going to school. Harry did his reading and cello practise before we went.

The police ladies talked about safety in respect of getting lost, the importance of knowing your name and address and various elements of their job. We have talked about this at home before but I think it's always worthwhile to hear this kind of message from someone else, especially someone with authority. They also brought a big bag of uniform for the children to try on. Some of the children volunteered to try on handcuffs and have their legs tied together too! 

We had planned to play in the nearby park afterwards but the weather was terrible so we came home and made gingerbread cake instead as a gift for my Grandma's birthday. Harry then spent the next 2 hours solid listening to The Magician's Nephew! He has listened to it once through and started it again. I did have some activities planned for this afternoon but I generally don't interrupt if the boys are engaged in something themselves. The flexibility of home education makes this possible. The planned activities can be rolled forward to another day and Harry has not missed the opportunity he wanted to take to listen to a classic story being read very well (Kenneth Branagh is now on my list of favourite readers of audio books, along with Stephen Fry!). 

He did get out in the garden for half an hour when the rain stopped and built a shelter for his cars. He also had his enjoy-a-ball class at 3.45pm so we went back out to that and Peter and I read books for the hour. There is another 3 year old sibling there too so it was nice that they sat together and listened to stories.

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