Thursday, 24 October 2013

Hundred square maths, games and a farm

We did some maths this morning using a hundred square. I found a nice one for the wall recently, which we put up, and Harry completed a workbook page involving identifying missing numbers. We also completed the Conquer Maths lesson on the hundred square, looking at the patterns of tens and ones. Harry had to complete number lines counting forwards and backwards in tens and ones as part of the lesson. I am getting more comfortable with Conquer Maths now. At first I found it strange that the lessons were only a couple of minutes long but we are doing more around each lesson now and they are giving me activity ideas too.

I also set up some pots for Harry to fill with the correct number of conkers, according to the question on the slip of paper underneath. He enjoyed this last time we did it and was really fast at filling the pots.

Peter had been very good at keeping himself busy with balloons and jigsaws while we did maths, but was starting to get bored so we all played some games together - Crazy Chefs and Red Dog, Blue Dog by Orchard Toys. I love their games - they are great for learning and playing games teaches other important skills like turn-taking and losing gracefully!

Harry and I also played snap with some animal cards and fungi trumps, printed from the Nature Detectives website. He was delighted to beat me at this and we had a look at the cards afterwards, imagining stepping on the smelliest and slimiest ones!

Harry got on with designing some birthday cards for friends and his Great-Grandma while Peter had a nap.

We went out for the afternoon with friends from music to Bill Quay Farm, a local community farm. The children all had a great time looking at the animals and playing in the nearby playground and woodland, where they all worked together to collect sticks and build a 'bonfire'.

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